X Factor USA Confessions

So, this is an x factor confession tumblr. You send us confessions and we post here. So maybe it will have hate and then love for a contestant, because different people have different opinions. Feel free to send us as many confessions as you want to on the ask box! I will try to post as many as I can per day! Thanks for coming!

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Anonymous said: I'm trying out for 4th season X-Factor in 2014 and I'm so nervous but I'm really excited too!

i hope you go forward ;) good luck sweet 

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Anonymous said: I don't blame people for thinking Bea cuts because she wears a lot of bracelets. A lot of people who cut their wrist do so to hide it. But maybe all of those meant something to her too? It's a possibility.

well, she always says that she collects bracelets so yeah maybe she doesnt cut and she uses them bc they mean something to her 

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Anonymous said: u havent posted in a while..?

i’m traveling :(

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Anonymous said: Have you completely abandoned this blog? I know the show is over but I would imagine that people still had confessions that have not been posted yet.

sorry!!! i’m traveling since dec 22!! and i will only come back on january 24 but i’ll post some today 

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Anonymous said: Is it true that the Final 4 got record deals?

i don’t know! but i think a lot of people did: jennel (im 100% sure), cece, paige, emblem3 (i’m like 90% sure), fifth harmony (100% sure), carly (probably she got), and tate (of course he got). :)

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